To reduce reliance on cars

LANE Bikes was founded in Brooklyn in 2020 by industrial designer Hamish Glover Wilson with the purpose of cutting our reliance on cars.

With 50% of car trips being less than 3 miles, eBikes have the potential to replace more than 10 billion car miles per year.

However, the eBike revolution is being held back by so many eBikes being too heavy, too expensive and too cumbersome. The Express is different.

One trip at a time

Our strategy for encouraging a wider adoption of eBikes is to produce bikes that are light, affordable and sleek.

As well as The Express, we have a cargo eBike in the works (the LANE Freight). In some cases a cargo eBike can remove a households need for a car completely. (Imagine the impact they can have when used to replace vans for commercial last mile delivery services!)

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