General Questions

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When you activate the pedal assist mode on your LANE.1 e-bike, the motor will contribute to the effort you are putting into pedaling so that each revolution of the pedals gets a boost so you can ride faster, for longer periods and up hills with less effort.

All LANE.1 bikes are fitted with a throttle - an intuitive thumb controller on the handlebars which activates the motor without pedaling, great for getting you started and gaining momentum or if you just don't feel like pedaling, but remember that riding using only the throttle will use the battery juice faster than using pedal assist.

Check out our Shipping Details page for more information, including details about international shipping, having your bike fully assembled, and more!

About Our Bikes

We have 2 sizes of frame to choose from, medium & large. We recommend the medium frame for people with a height under 5’6” / 167 cm and the large frame for people with a height between 5’6”-6’/173-180 cm.

Our bike sizing chart will help you find which frame fits you best.

So that you can get the most out of your LANE.1, they are complete with 7 speeds as standard. This means that you'll always have a level of pedaling you're comfortable with - with or without pedal assist. Click here to learn more about the technical specs of your LANE.1.

Our bikes are delivered 90% assembled, this is to keep the packaging as compact as we can. The final assembly is straightforward and you will find easy to follow assembly guide in the box as well as this video to give you step by step guidance.

Following assembly we recommend you have your local reputable bike mechanic pass their eye over it.

You can buy a rear cargo rack from our accessories store here. You’ll also find all the compatible accessories such as child seats and panniers.

You can select the level of assistant from 1- 5 using the display, with 5 being the highest and therefore the level that will use the power in the battery the fastest (ie. the higher the level of assistance = the less miles in the tank).

The battery on a LANE.1 bike is easily removed using the key provided. Once removed simply plug the charger into the battery and plug the charger into an outlet wherever is convenient, alternatively the battery can be charged whilst still installed on the bike.

We recommend regular tune-ups (brakes, derailleur, tires) to keep your beautiful LANE.1 in tip-top condition.

We advise ensuring that your tires are always kept at the optimum pressure, low pressure tires can have a significant impact on the efficiency of the motor and therefore the range.

We’ve put together a handy maintenance guide to give you some pointers on what to look out for and how best to keep your LANE.1 clean and safe.

The LANE Express is water resistant and can be ridden in rain but shouldn't be immersed in water, nor would we recommend that they're ridden through torrential rain.