Porsche gets deeper into the eBike market

Porsche gets deeper into the eBike market
Alison Pittaway - Fleeteurope.com, Feb 11 2022

Porsche is famous for high-performance, aesthetically-pleasing sports cars, which also now includes the fully electric (and beautifully presented) Taycan and a range of PHEV models. Now the German car maker is turning more of its attention to eBikes.

The Stuttgart-based company has already dipped its toe in the water with eBikes in a joint venture with ROTWILD. This week, Porsche announced a plan to acquire 20% of Fazua GmbH, a pioneer in the development of lightweight, compact drive technologies and “light eBikes”.

Porsche has also agreed an option to purchase further shares, thus allowing it to take over Fazua completely. The purchase price has not been disclosed.

Porsche’s investment in sustainable mobility

In addition, the luxury car brand is planning a joint venture with Ponooc Investment B.V., a Dutch company focussed on sustainable energy and mobility solutions.

Two joint ventures will be established by Porsche and Ponooc. The first is the development, manufacture and distribution of a new generation of Porsche eBikes. The second company will focus on technological solutions in the fast growing micro-mobility market.

The joint ventures and the Fazua transaction are subject to clearance by the relevant authorities and until then, Porsche AG will not be drawn on any further details. Should it go ahead, however, it’s almost guaranteed to result in some hugely expensive, but enviable micro-mobility products.

Image: Porsche


Alison Pittaway, “Porsche gets deeper into the eBike market”, Fleeteurope, Feb 11 2022


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