Introducing The Express by LANE Bikes – the light, uncomplicated and versatile eBike that's designed to help you zip around town with ease!

Whether you’re taking on hills and bridges on your commute, or sweating it out in a workout session, LANE Bikes will make it a breeze to get around!


Hydraulic disc brakes have more stopping power, require less maintenance and last longer than mechanical brakes.


The detachable battery is fully charged in just 3.5hrs. At only 3lbs (1.4kg), carry a second battery for twice the range plus it has a bonus USB port for charging devices!


Braeden, WA

If you are looking for an affordable, entry-level ebike that rides like a regular bike, the LANE Express is an excellent option. It's a lot of fun to ride, easy to maintain, and LANE has first-class customer service.

Check out the full 100 mile review by u/bvdzag on Reddit.

LANE Express ebike review
Martha, TN

100-Mile (and then some) Review
I bought my LANE bike this spring after doing a lot of research into e-bikes and the best one for my needs. By now, it's seen me through well over 100 miles, and I've enjoyed each one. I live in an area that gets incredibly hot in the summer, and while I loved my old acoustic bike, I wanted something that wouldn't require me to show up to work or social gatherings sweating profusely. Plus, I wanted one less barrier to biking instead of driving wherever possible, as I'm trying to lower my dependency on fossil fuels. I needed a bike I could carry up to my second-floor apartment without help from anyone - even with the rear rack and a pannier, it's been easy to carry. It's zippy, as advertised, and though I usually ride it with level 2 or 3, if the battery died and I had to use it without any assistance, I wouldn't be miserable. Especially with multiple gears to choose from. I've ridden it to work, happy hour, across town just for fun, and to the ceramics studio. I even strapped it on a bike rack and drove it 10 hours to the beach. (Side note: I didn't want the battery to sit in the hot sun for all that time, so I packed it inside of the car. The bike itself drove through POURING rain both there and back, and after letting it dry out for a bit before putting the battery back in, it worked fine.) My bike is pretty enough to stay in the living room full-time, too, which is good because we don't have much storage. One of the other reasons I chose to purchase a LANE bike over another brand was the quality of the battery. I wanted to make sure to get a good battery before charging it in our living space. The fact that the LANE site specifically mentions Samsung cells was a green flag for me and the final push I needed to buy. The battery never feels hot when charging, charges quickly, and usually goes for about 25 miles before I need to charge it (that's multiple trips downtown and back in my city at about level 3 assistance). The price was right, too. One last thing to mention about my experience: I've added a rear rack to the bike, which installed easily. I did go a little wild and bought a rear basket (pictured) as well as a side grocery pannier and backpack pannier, meaning I can swap them out and use the bike for all occasions. It carries weight well, though I try not to overload it, and I've never felt off balance riding with cargo. Overall, I love my LANE bike and would recommend it to anyone looking for a simple, modern e-bike.

LANE Bikes review
Kamau, NJ

My first test ride on the LANE absolutely changed my perspective on what an E-bike could be, and there was only one choice for me from that point forward.

Owning the bike has transformed my efficiency in commuting, opened up new worlds of possibility in exploring the region around me, and made me feel like The Dark Knight riding through Gotham on mission to serve creative justice throughout the city.

I’ve learned to ride effortlessly on my LANE and that has translated into how I live life as well.

LANE Express ebike review

Easy to carry & fun to ride.

Live in a walk-up? No problem! 

Whether you’re weaving through traffic or navigating crowded bike lanes, it's light weight makes the Express incredibly maneuverable and a whole lot of fun to ride.


Time to start enjoying your commute.

All the familiarity of a regular bike with intuitive controls & a clear display.

Low maintenance hydraulic brakes and puncture resistant tires will keep you riding, and when the time comes for a tune up, easy peasy!


A hybrid in the truest sense.

Pedal assist kicks in automatically, boosting your ride so you you can ride further for longer.

In addition to 5 levels of pedal assist, 7 regular gears means that you can ride The Express just the same as a conventional bike, so can still get your sweat on if you feel the urge.

1 year warranty

On-going customer support